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Contact Domani domani [do¡¯mani] tomorrow; domani leading edge dining concept, pacific place, hong kong; domani mattina tomorrow morning; dopo domani the day after tomorrow; domani a mezzogiorno at midday tomorrow; a domani see you at domani; pensi che ci serviranno un bicchiere di vino gratis? si domani! do you think they will give us a free glass of wine? fat chance!; il domani (il futuro) the future; un domani some day; chi sa cosa ci riserva il domani? who knows what the future holds?

Taste your imagination at Domani, the forefront of Italian dining in Asia. Combining the creative culinary innovations of Pier Bussetti, Michelin star chef and owner of Ristorante Pier Bussetti al Castello di Govone in Piemonte, Italy, with the stunning design of award winning architect Thomas Heatherwick, Domani is a unique dining sensation offering an unparalleled experience.

A vision of Master designer Thomas Heatherwick, Domani includes his trademark use of natural materials to create an all-glass structure with a free-form steel roof. Located on the 4th floor of Pacific Place in its own garden, form and function combine seamlessly to create one harmonious entity. Heatherwick¡¯s previous projects include the beautiful Rolling Bridge in London, La Maison Unique for Longchamp in New York and East Beach Caf¨¦ in Littlehampton. He is also responsible for designing the British Pavilion at the prestigious Shanghai Exposition in 2010.